and .


12:14 Changeset [549:c2bb9d2b3cda] by Menno Smits <menno@…>
reformat urls
03:44 Changeset [548:4b1097180150] by Menno Smits <menno@…>
Nilas updates
03:27 WikiStart edited by menno


21:27 Changeset [547:f492d85e21b1] by Menno Smits <menno@…>
bumped version to 1.0.0-alpha
21:26 Changeset [546:2c5b911d97a6] by Menno Smits <menno@…>
merged tags from stable
21:16 Ticket #95 (Integrate changelog into the main docs) closed by menno
21:15 Ticket #19 (use "mailbox" instead of "folder" to be consistent with RFC terminology) closed by menno
21:15 Ticket #2 (look at paver to automate release process more) closed by menno
21:02 Ticket #35 (Clean up dodgy Trac tickets) closed by menno
20:56 Ticket #12 (higher level fetch methods for common or single attributes) closed by menno
20:55 Ticket #20 (email JP Calderone re use of his code) closed by menno
20:55 Ticket #137 (Proxy support) closed by menno
11:51 Milestone 0.12 completed
11:51 Ticket #134 (Finalise Python 3.4 support) closed by menno
11:43 WikiStart edited by menno
11:36 Changeset [545:3bdc24458d47] by Menno Smits <menno@…>
Added tag 0.12 for changeset 10c1e06ec8f2
11:36 Changeset [544:10c1e06ec8f2] by Menno Smits <menno@…>
Merged 0.12 changes to stable
11:35 Changeset [543:2147fd5298ea] by Menno Smits <menno@…>
version bump for 0.12
11:31 Changeset [542:c0382d52c7ec] by Menno Smits <menno@…>
Updated docs to reflect Python 3.4 support.
11:31 WikiStart edited by menno
11:07 Ticket #127 (Move BodyData to response_types module) closed by menno
11:05 Changeset [541:3a6c2951d2e3] by Menno Smits <menno@…>
Moved BodyData? to response_types module
11:00 Ticket #130 (OAUTH2 not working for live tests on Python 3) closed by menno
fixed: Fixed in 4efca933b1a3
11:00 Changeset [540:db57acf12c8f] by Menno Smits <menno@…>
NEWS update for livetest/interact OAUTH2 fix
10:59 Changeset [539:4efca933b1a3] by Menno Smits <menno@…>
Fixed livetest/interact OAUTH handling under Python 3 Fixes #130.
10:57 Ticket #143 (Warning when interact shell is uses a recent version of IPython) created by menno
10:40 Ticket #135 (Allow specification of the OAUTH mechanism) closed by menno
fixed: Fixed in 534:538
10:39 Changeset [538:15c1a98a8931] by Menno Smits <menno@…>
NEWS and THANKS updates for OAUTH2 work.
10:34 Changeset [537:3226261acd19] by Menno Smits <menno@…>
Cleaned up OAUTH2 auth string generation
09:59 Changeset [536:88251c0e5f60] by Menno Smits <menno@…>
Merged Phil Peterson's OAUTH2 changes


01:51 Changeset [535:80ae438f4e4a] by Phil Peterson <php@…>
Add an optional 'vendor' param to the XOAUTH2 payload, as Yahoo now …


23:21 ImapLinks edited by menno
23:02 Ticket #142 (Use a larger maximum line length) created by menno
imaplib enforces a maximum inbound line length of 10,000. Dovecot defaults …
22:15 Ticket #141 (IMAPClient is not PEP8 compliant) created by menno
04:53 Ticket #140 (Semantic versioning) created by menno


12:19 Ticket #132 (Handle MODSEQ SEARCH response) closed by menno
fixed: Fixed in dde270394dc2 and 0adc25786124
12:16 Changeset [533:0adc25786124] by Menno Smits <menno@…>
Make a MODSEQ returned as parts of a SEARCH response available to the …
12:09 Ticket #139 (Support ENABLE extension) created by menno
 https://tools.ietf.org/html/rfc5161 Use this to turn on CONDSTORE in …
10:46 Changeset [532:dde270394dc2] by Menno Smits <menno@…>
Fix TypeError? when SEARCH response includes non-integer data This can …
10:41 Changeset [531:07066da4401e] by Menno Smits <menno@…>
Fix comment formatting
10:30 Changeset [530:25f48f12ebb7] by Menno Smits <menno@…>
Removed now-unused warnings import
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