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13:24 Changeset [496:df88ac7e3973] by Menno Smits <menno@…>
merged stable
13:22 Ticket #134 (Finalise Python 3.4 support) created by menno
* Ensure live tests work. * Update documentation * Update website * …
13:21 Ticket #128 (Ensure unit tests are functioning under Python 3.4) closed by menno
fixed: Fixed in b0e2bac5aab9
13:21 Changeset [495:b0e2bac5aab9] by Menno Smits <menno@…>
Allow unit test running from setup.py to work on Python 3.4
12:46 Changeset [494:a3c5a78602de] by Menno Smits <menno@…>
merged stable
12:31 Ticket #133 (Fix encoding handling when parsing responses) created by menno
During the work to support Python 3, IMAPClient was changed to do return …
11:57 Changeset [493:eae34a0525cf] by Menno Smits <menno@…>
Added Chris Arndt to THANKS
11:54 Changeset [492:62a819638648] by Menno Smits <menno@…>
minor tweak to kwarg passthrough tests
11:47 Changeset [491:0c325a2dfa10] by Menno Smits <menno@…>
Tweaked the documentation for passthrough keyword arguments


22:54 Changeset [490:63e00a382a31] by SpotlightKid <bitbucket@…>
Add tests and documentation updates for pull request #8
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